Starter resources for some fascinating topics that might stretch your brain a bit 🧠

🌱 Plant-based Diet - science based nutrition facts, non-profit run by dr. gregor

Daily Dozen App - guide to balanced diet available on iOS and Android

Cocina vegan facil y0utube channel - dead simple recipes with plant based ingredients

Earthlings Documentary - powerful film narrated by joaquin phoenix

Lilikoi Hawaii y0utube channel - science backed proof that diet cures acne

🗑️ Zero-waste

Going zero waste - excellent starter's guide to the philosophy

The true cost documentary - mind bending truth about the fashion industry

🧘‍♀️ Self Care

Chris Heria y0utube channel - free calisthenics workouts for all body types

Yoga with Adriene y0utube channel - beginner-friendly yoga routines

Oak meditation app - simple and free app to start meditation as a daily habit

Intermittent fasting - starter's guide to fasting, try starting with 16/8 method

Vipassana meditation - 100% free silent retreat found worldwide

Tantric Sex y0utube video - introduction to tantric sex

Sexual Exercises for men y0utube video - how to have an orgasm without ejaculating

🌎 Decentralization

Introduction to bitcoin y0utube video - the best introduction done by the godfather himself, andreas antonopoulos

Bitcoin resources by a pro cypherpunk - huge resource list with wealth of knowledge

Indieweb - an alternative to the corporate web, own your own data

🕵️ Digital Privacy

TED talk on why privacy matters - superb introduction to being more privacy aware

Privacy Tools - list of privacy conscious providers, tools and alternatives to g00gle

The hated one y0utube channel - privacy tutorial videos for beginners and advanced users

💾 Ethical Internet

Top 50 ethical blogs - just pick something you like and get started

Website Carbon - test how much carbon a website produces

Save the planet with fast websites - the internet accounts for more carbon emissions than the airline industry