Almost quit traveling

Recently, I had to make a relatively big choice to either stop traveling and go to a first world country to work or to somehow find a way to keep traveling. Although the universe was suggesting I go with the first choice and stop traveling. I used my problem-solving skills and found a way ;)

So technically my budget for the past six months is almost done but luckily I still have some assets I can sell including travel gear, electronics, and my camera gear. I also have a bit of bitcoin reserved for an emergency so that could help too.

So what's the plan now?

Well... there's no real set plan yet because travel plans evolve on the road, but I do plan on relaxing for the holidays in Cali, Colombia learning how to dance and spending time with my new Chilean friend. We both had the same style of traveling and got along really well, so we decided to share an Airbnb for cheap for the next two weeks.

After that, I plan on going straight to Ecuador since my Colombian Visa expires mid-January. Now that means I would have spent the last six months here in Colombia when I wanted to leave om the first month lol. And honestly, I'm glad I stayed because I learned to travel in a new way and tried out new things and somehow became a little more adaptable. Best of all, I started changing my travel style to living even cheaper than I did while I was Couchsurfing. I was able to travel at $1.00 USD per day while I was using Workaway, which is a work exchange program.

In addition to this, I now have experience in renting a place in another country and can now figure out how to find a reasonably cheap place to stay longer if I wanted to. Basically you do things the same way you would do it in your country. With patience and persistence 😅

So besides learning salsa which is my recent obsession, I will also be dedicating a lot of my time to figuring out a way to make money on the road. And so the brainstorming starts. This should get very interesting because my obsession for freelancing back at home in Belize went really well but my discipline kinda fcked it up lol. Or maybe it wasn't my discipline. Maybe what I was doing just wasn't the right fit for me at the time.

How can I make money while traveling?

I've been compiling a list, but I think it would be smarter to list all the resources I have available and see if I can somehow merge it with my life philosophy life I have at the moment. And my philosophy has been to be in harmony with the universe in any project I'm involved in.

Physical resources:

Digital resources:

Environmental resources:

Skills/abilities that are my strengths:

Other resources and ideas:

Perceived limitations:

What can I do with this fancy list?

So this list was to merely get a good idea of all the ingredients I have at my disposal before deciding on a dish to cook. Now to get even deeper using a metaphor, I need to choose a single dish from my favorite cuisine and make sure it's vegan of course since that's my strongest philosophy/lifestyle at the moment. I hope that made sense and wasn't too abstract.

To simplify this without the use of that cooking metaphor, I'll basically have to choose to do work using the skills I'm good at, while also satisfying whatever fills me internally which will have to also align with my philosophy.

What I'll do next is just pick three options and then either try each one or pick my favorite most logical option and just go for it!

So here are my top three picks: