Brazil or go home

This week I'm deciding if I'll continue my route to Brazil or buy a flight back to my country. It's strange saying this but I feel like both are almost identical in their pros and cons list so by the end of this short post, I think I will have figured out the answer.

To be completely honest, I already thought I had my mind decided but recently I saw a video of my family and realized they are exactly the same as they were when I left. I love them very much but I'm not sure if I'm ready to throw myself in an old environment yet. I'll eventually go live on my own again so that would be temporary as well.

So let's look at the magic table that decides what my next move is... πŸ˜…

Keep traveling to Brazil



Travel back home



So that concludes the fancy decision table and sadly going back home seems to be the safe choice but the only thing is that I don't like making choices with fear being the main driver.

So what I'll do is just to take a very pragmatic approach to all this and incorporate going with the flow still. My strategy is to try to couchsurf for a couple of weeks within Peru and see if my hosts accept me easily and then move on to Brazil if I get favorable results.

I'll keep practicing my Portuguese in the meantime and see how the pandemic restrictions pan out. AtΓ© logo, see you later.