Life Values

It's finally happening. I'm becoming more and more clear about how I want to spend my energy with this life cycle I have. I feel like the first year of travel thought me a bunch about flow and how to connect with people. Now I feel like using that skill and merging it with some focus.

So here are my two life values that will probably evolve slowly: compassion and discipline.

Why Compassion?

Well, because I felt a strong feeling of love and compassion a year ago when my friends showed me a different way of seeing the world. That beautiful feeling of connection is something I've been trying to achieve again ever since, but I know it only comes along without wanting it.

Why Discipline?

I feel like the life pendulum theory which I wrote about earlier is an interesting way of seeing how the world works and going from one extreme to another is a kinda how the human mind resolves things logically. Given I've been living freely to do whatever the fck I want for a year, I want to put some order to that now lol.

So the two values together should create some harmony and hopefully help me re-calibrate and re-center whenever I feel disconnected and unfulfilled. I also picked these two generic values will help me reach goals and allow me to stay grounded and not get lost again because that would suck.