I like pupusas. A lot. So much that I charge my friends two pupusas a night to stay at my place. Saturdays are normally pupusas day for me at the local market.

I also get to see real people and talk and smile with them. You know... human stuff.

My phone dropped while I was eating. I didn't even notice but a kid behind me did and returned it. Oddly, I don't care much for material belongings recently but I said thanks and smiled.

Recently, I try best to keep my phone out of sight when I'm out in public because I want to feel and be present.

That sounds a bit hippie but I just do it because it feels good, not because it's trendy. Well, at least that's what my subconscious tells me.

P.S. Sorry I don't have pretty pupusa pics. I was hungry, so I ate it. Plus my phone was on the floor.